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N-Spark, of Halifax, manufactures a semi-conductor chip which allows a richer more human like interaction between people and the devices they love to use.

The N-Spark Chip ™ gives companies who develop consumer and industrial products a competitive edge by extending product capabilities and simplifying complex interfaces.

They aim to develop, manufacture and license semi-conductor chips which give mechanical devices the ability to be operated using more human like interactions and to allow the devices to overcome unexpected conditions during their operation and to automate some operations.

The technology also allows the device to respond and act according to the particular needs of an operator. The N-Spark Chip ™ employs a unique machine intelligence capability which allows decision making based on experience and current conditions and has an on the fly environmental learning capability.

N-Spark focuses on the design of the chip and improvements of its capabilities over time. The chip and its benefits reach consumers or industrial users through 3rd party product manufacturers.

The name N-Spark is derived from the spark of a neuron cell which is the basis for how the technology works.